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2023 Golden Panda Innovation and Entrepreneurship Global Competition


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If you have any questions, please call the Golden Panda Competition Organizing Committee Tel: (86)13198559169

Entry Requirements of the Competition ×

1. The competition has two stages, namely the initial stage and the growth stage. Participants should choose one of the stages according to their own situation.

(1) The start-up project should meet: domestic and foreign entrepreneurial teams with scientific and technological innovation achievements and entrepreneurial plans that have not yet registered a company;

(2) Growth phase projects should meet: companies established after January 1, 2020 (inclusive).

2. The enterprise or team has innovative ability and high growth potential, mainly engaged in high-tech product development, manufacturing, production and service.

3. The main body of the entries cannot be listed companies (except listed enterprises on the New Third Board). 

4. The products, technologies, services or related patents in the entries belong to the participating teams or companies, and there are no intellectual property disputes.

5. Overseas entries need to obtain a degree or work or start a business overseas for more than 1 year, return to China (or come to China) for less than 10 years, and must have a clear landing intention and plan.

6. If the core members of the participating team have established an enterprise and the R&D project of the enterprise is the same as that of the participating project, they must participate in the name of the enterprise.

7. Participating enterprises or team members must have good social reputation and no bad record.

8. The winning projects of the Golden Panda Contest over the years are not allowed to participate again.

9. Professional competitors are not supported. (Letter of commitment required)

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